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Splashes of Grace

“Deep and wide; deep and wide; there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide” – and I watch it every day from my office window.

Words of that little children’s chorus are quite appropriate as I write this blog – well, maybe except for the word “deep,” since it’s a man-made fountain. The nonstop, refreshing, flowing fountain depicts Christ to me as the constant, Living Resource for all I need. Every sprinkle and splash, which can’t be measured or counted, reminds me of grace – every day grace that splashes into my days.

Reading the Bible through together with Jim is proving to be quite an adventure that has turned into a treasure hunt (or find). Traveling through the Old Testament, then seeing parallels to the day’s reading in other places is fascinating. Psalm 87 is an example of where our reading flowed into a beautiful scriptural visual. In fact, I have read again and again these words from verse six: As they make music they will sing, “All my fountains are in you.” “They” refers to those “born into glorious Zion,” the city of God where His chosen people dwell. A register is mentioned. Names of those those of many nations “born into Zion” are written there. The exciting part is that we, God’s children today, are part of this great throng – “born in Zion.” I can imagine the majestic sound of music and uplifting emotion of praise in this exciting, even energizing, reading. These people rejoiced in the all-sufficient, endless, gushing, Fountain – the Living Source of grace for every need for days to come.

I am seeing fountains in a way as never before. A spraying fountain, to me, now creates more than ambiance, smiles, and refreshment in my spirit. I’m reminded of God’s grace that comes splashing in when strength is exhausted and hope shines dim. Through Christ, the Living Fountain, salvation is found. From the Fountain there is provision for every need and grace for all that is lacking. I love Gloria Gaither’s words: “Be the dawn of all my days, be the chart of all my ways. Be the vantage of my view, all my fountains are in you.”

Looking at the fountain outside my window again, my heart beats faster. Joy and laughter invigorate my dryness as sprinkling streams heave from the generating source. I have a “moment.” I cannot be silent. My language is music, like the people in the psalm responded. “Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace” – for splashes of grace that have touched my life and for the Everything you are to me.

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